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Volunteering at Tribal School Project is about moulding lives, seeding hopes and shaping a community so self-reliantly that it would shine the way forward for many tribal communities to benefit.

We seek volunteers with a heart to serve, are resourceful and innovative, and are in love with the tribal children.

There are many opportunities for volunteers and interns that promise immense satisfaction.

Volunteering at Schools
  • Solar IT Classroom Champions- to assist Tribal School Teachers to optimize the use of the notebook computer and projector that are powered by solar energy for academic as well as extra-curricular educational programmes; and to source for useful educational software and movies.
  • Extra-curricular activity volunteer-teachers - to assist Tribal School Teachers to conduct extra-curricular learning programmes such as arts, music, pottery, etc so as to broaden the knowledge and skill sets in the tribal students, as well as teachers.
  • Organizers for educational excursions - to organize and lead excursions to interesting places of interest or educational value as most tribal students have not been outside of their villages.
  • Reading Buddies - to read English/Hindi story books to the tribal children so as to encourage good reading habit and thus help to improve their language proficiency.
  • Organizer for the Bi-annual Arts Festival Summer/Winter - to organize the art competition in April (summer) and October (winter) which selected drawings would be posted on the Facebook Page for viewing and voting by the world over. This is an important showcase of our tribal children's talents to the world, allowing them to connect to new friends and supporters. Click here for a step-by-step procedure for the organization.
  • Vocational skill volunteer-trainers-to provide training to equip tribal students with unique and valuable income generating lifeskills, with a vision to developing tribal community enterprises that tribal youth may own and manage in the long run.
  • Organic Farming Champions - to impart and promote chemical-free, organic farming practices through the tribal students to the tribal villagers with a vision to developing a new and sustainable form of tribal organic farm enterprise in the tribal community.
  • Trainers for tribal school teachers - to participate in the training and upgrading of the Tribal School Teachers at the new Teacher's Training Institute that will be set up by Sep 2011 at Hindoljuri village in Ghatsila.
Remote Volunteering (from anywhere in the world)
  • Webmaster - to help improve and update this Tribal School Project Website.
  • Facebook administrators- to administer our Tribal School Project Page and promote our social cause to the international web community.
  • Moderators- to authenticate new befrienders for our Tribal Kid Befrienders' Club, and to moderate/stimulate communication between tribal children and befrienders.
  • Recruiters- to talent-hunt and encourage more volunteers to make a difference in the lives of Tribal Children.
  • Fund Raisers - to seek out donors who would sponsor tribal children through Tribal School education or fund specific initiatives.
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