e-Learning and Solar Power System

The use of electronics has influenced Education. Are we giving our Tribal and underprivileged children exposure to use computers and the internet?

To introduce e-Learning the stumbling block was how to run the sophisticated gadgets in absence of steady supply of electric power. The mission ‘Digital Class Rooms’ could not be accomplished due to erratic voltage and irregular supply.

Solar Power System

The solution was simple but expensive. Gradually all schools were provided with the Solar Panels and requisite hardware. The beneficiaries covered in these free schools number about 3,600.

Internet Connection

The children and teachers still could not optimize the use in absence of Internet Broad band connection. The RailTel came to our rescue. Since June 2015 all the schools in Ghatsila block have an Internet connection. The children are excited and curious to explore a world hitherto beyond their imagination. The attendance has improved, teaching and learning is no longer limited to text books. The next logical step is to connect all schools through video conferencing so that they share resources with other teachers and students.

Tribal School Project welcomes assistance and volunteers in the following areas:
  • Educational software for teacher for teaching English, Hindi, Maths, Science, etc.
  • Computer learning programmes for Primary and Middle Schools.
  • Educational DVD/VCD movies in English or Hindi.
  • Ideas to optimize the use of Solar IT Classroom.
IT Classroom